Imagine getting a check in the mailbox on a monthly basis from
rental properties that you own, and you never once used your credit,
went inside of a bank or had to use your personal cash.
How would that change your quality of life,
would you still work or use this as extra income, vacation money?
In my No Cash No Credit online class, I show you exactly how to do that.
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Here's what you can expect to learn in this class

  • Ebook

    Only 67 pages of easy-to-read, no beating around the bush, straight to the point on how to get your first property and start an instant residual income, better known as mailbox-money.

  • Online Class

    In this one-hour intensive audio-course, you will hear from me, real life examples with real people. Listen to a live class how I taught students this method in one hour.

  • Legal Forms

    No deal is complete without the John Hancock (signature) on the bottom line. Just fill in the forms, print, sign and file with your local County Courthouse and BAM! You’re the new owner, legally. Unlimited use.

Today ONLY $37

See What Other People Are Saying About The Class

The class was a DREAM COME TRUE! This is only the beginning. Kim, you did an awesome job and I am thankful that I've connected with you. As I was sitting in class, all kinds of ideas were going thru my head. I'm already working on my first property. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You are heaven sent and truly a blessing!

Memphis, TN

I've been using this method for 20 plus years, and have been able to acquire over 700 homes with the same method. I just wish I was able to explain it to my team as easy as Kim does, she makes it a breeze in the park, thank you!

Olive Branch, MS

The VERY NEXT day, I found a house just like Kim told me and I approach the Homeowner and I can't believe that she said YES! It was unbelievable!! At first I wanted to flip it and make money, but since I have been living in an apartment for over 6 years, I decided to move in it myself, LOL, I'll find another one! Thank you Kim!!!

St. Louis, MO

KIM HILL was phenomenal!!! She is authentic! Kim was graceful, funny ,down to earth, and informational to boot! She pours herself into people and is adding value to there lives. No Cash No Credit Real Estate - Her Book is a best seller! I got mine-you best get yours. See you at the top!

Houston, TX

I've been on board for about 2 years with Kim and I must admit, I was skeptical at first but her authenticity and her way to make the investing fun allowed me to get over my fears and come into the industry and use that extra income to pay my monthly bills. Wow is all I can say!!

Bartlett, TN

Today ONLY $37

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This cheat sheet will get you started TODAY, with marketing,
listing your property, what to do when you get the
property, and which legal forms to use.

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About Your Fearless Coach

Kim Hill is an active Real Estate investor with more than two decades of experience. After graduating from University of Memphis, Kim went on to renovate and invest in real estate worth in excess of $26.8 million. A published author, Kim has sold over 1000 copies of her book 'No Cash No Credit Real Estate' on Amazon within 1 year.

Kim is a respected community figure with a strong social conscience. She set up the 'Keep Memphis Clean' initiative, where hundreds of derelict properties in her local area being purchased and renovated. Also, she is a board member for the Promise Development Company, which houses local homeless women. Kim also mentors ex-felons in which she teaches them her No Cash method.

Kim has raised two wonderful daughters as a single parent ˗ one of whom attended University of Houston, and the other who is currently attending Santa Monica College in California.